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        Tel: 00852-60684761

        Email: sales@psi-lcd.com

        Website:  www.asianbdsmvideos.com




        PSI, full registered name: Palm stream int’l (hk) ltd.

        Started from 2005, we are specialized in LCD screen or LCD PANEL business.  As the main distributor for LG and Samsung  display, our products range is from

        Application display: 3.5,3.54, 4.3, 7’, 8’, 8.4’

        Note book display:  9.7’, 10.1’, 12.1’, 13.3’ 14.0’ 14.1’ 14.5’ 15.0’, 15.4’ 15.6’ 16.0’, 17.1’ 17.3’ 18.4’,20.1’

        Monitor display: 15.0, 17.0’ 17.1’ 18.5’ 19’, 20’, 20.1’ 21.5’21.6’ 22’,23.6’ 24’, 26’ 27’,

        TV display: 26’HD/FHD, 32’HD/FHD, 37’HD/FHD, 40’HD/FHD, 42’HD/FHD, 47’FHD, 55’FHD.

        we also can provide AUO, CMI, TOSHIBA, SHAPR, HANSTAR, BOE, CPT  LCD/LED panels or screens.

        Through last 6 years successful distribution we built up a global sales network, covering CHINA, TAIWAN, SOUTH EAST ASIA, USA, CANANDA, SOUTH AMERICA, UK, EUROPE, CIS COUNTRIES, MIDDLE EAST, SOUTH ASIA. AUSTRALIA.

        And we are supplying LG, SAMSUNG and other brands of LCD/LED panels/screens to most prestigious buys and customers in different countries, they are in both sectors of industrial manufacturers for TV, Monitor, portable DVD, digital frame, GPS, MID or tablet PC, MP4/5 player,   and also laptop/notebook repair market. You can easily find reference information in different countries about PSI’s information.

        PSI’s business is keep expanding during last 6 years, in year 2010, we reached annual sales volume of 40 millions USD, totally sales quantity for LCD/LED PANELS/SCREENS close to 1 million units, in year 2011, the speed of expanding keep growing. For first half year of 2011, buying/sales quantity is already over 800,000 units, mainly notebook panels. We estimate total sale volume 80 million USD and sales quantity 1.8 million units of LCD/LED panels/screens in year 2011.

        Not only strong in distribution net-work, we also have a well experienced engineering and service team, over 10 people, which can provide service of 100% fully scanning, quality control, re-packing, free returning, repairing. We have warehouse in HK, Shenzhen duty free zone,and  Dongguan city, for receiving returned defected goods from both china domestic customers and overseas customers. The reliable quality of products that we provided and long term business relationship with all of our customers in different countries is the most important concern in our company.

        電話:852-60697568  郵箱:sales@psi-lcd.com sales2@psi-lcd.com 網址: www.asianbdsmvideos.com